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It's more than just an honor to receive an invitation for membership to the exclusive Legacy Club in New York City. You gain excess to wealth and power beyond any prep school and guaranteed security since Legacy Club members always look out for their own. That's only if you make it through the rigorous week of events and the extravagant gala, the Legacy Ball.

No one is surprised when Bernie Kaplan, Isobel Rothcroft, and Skyler Hawkins, all seniors at Excelsior Prep, are nominated as Legacies - their families standings in the community have assured their membership since birth - even if they are all keeping reputation destroying secrets. However, no one guessed that Tori Tasso, the scholarship kid from Queens, would be a nominee. Tori has never fit into the world of designer bags, penthouse apartments, and million-dollar donations. Did she do something to secure her place?

The Legacy Ball is supposed to be a night of haute couture, endless champagne, hushed gossip, and the best night of these seniors' lives.

Everyone expects a night of luxury. No one expects leaked secrets and death.

I enjoyed this one! Jessica Goodman is a good writer who knows how to keep the story suspenseful and interesting.