I love this author!

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This was a book that I requested specifically because I love this author. This book gave me massive Gossip Girl vibes, rather than read like a thriller, but there was plenty of mystery to be had.

The main characters are full of catty drama, because of their “rich b!tch status.” There are secrets to be had an enemies to be made.

I did find it a little rough to get through the endless parties, and lack of parental care, but that did help to drive the story. I found myself questioning the legitimacy of this Legacies Club. What is it? Why was it formed? Why does it exist? How does it help its members so much? I feel like I definitely understand enough to get the points of wanting to be a member, but it left me with a lot more questions than answers.

While I understand, most of the characters are brought up in wealthy and privileged household’s, I found that made me not really care about them or their opinions. I really liked Tori, but she also seemed shifty at times her motivation is very clear, but it doesn’t make her behavior make any more sense.

Overall, the mystery of this book seem to take a backseat to the teenage drama. I did enjoy this read, but would recommend the authors other series more.