I liked it!

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This was a fun Young Adult Mystery that was a really quick read! There are four point of views and if you enjoy audiobooks, all of the narrators did a fantastic job and helped bring the characters to life! I split time between the two formats, with all the angsty teen drama I could only do so much on audio at a time but switching back and forth helped me balance that.

I was able to predict most of the twists, but I still enjoyed watching it all unfold. Some parts of the book felt a tad repetitive. The characters were all somewhat unlikable other than Tori, and while there was some character growth by the end I still struggled with the attitude and actions of the teens. The timeline bounces around a bit but it’s clearly marked and easy to follow.

I would have liked to see a bit more focus on the mystery and less on the angsty teen drama, but I think younger YA readers will enjoy it.