Had the bones and the vibes but no charisma

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This book has the suspense, the characters, the plot structure, and that great dark academia vibe we’re all going ga-ga for right now. Sadly, what it doesn’t have is charisma or any ability to hold my interest. I saw the bones of a great book, but the book itself was boring enough to me that I had to keep asking people in the house to stop bothering me because I kept looking for excuses to put the book down and be diverted into something more interesting.

Maybe it’s my age. Maybe it’s how many suspense novels and thrillers I’ve already read this year. Maybe I’m simply too picky. Who knows? Simply put: There are so many great authors out there doing this same thing right now and they’re doing it better that this book just came across as a wet noodle, save that author Jessica Goodman has a knack for building suspense and knowing when to stop with one character’s POV and move onto another’s in order to keep that suspense blooming (this book has three present-day narratives told from first-person POV and then small interludes interspersed from third-person POV that occur after the book’s climatic events).

I wished for something more, since books like these are usually my jam. I just didn’t get what I had hoped to get out of this one.