Great mystery

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I'm pretty sure I've read all of Jessica Goodmans novels and none have really disappointed me and this one didn't either. I'm very much a fan of her mysteries.

The Legacies was a good murder mystery. The pacing was alright i guess and the back and forth on what happened before and after the ball was easy to follow and understand. I feel like once you start reading and getting to know all the characters you can kinda see who it is that gets killed because I mean they had it coming honestly. Out of all the character POVs Isabel's was my least favorite. I get having anxiety since I also have it but like don't set there a make it an excuse to use and abuse every drug/substance under the sun. She wad just way to whiny and a coward up until the end. She still didn't really do much then. I do feel like the author most definitely nailed the rich prep school teen vibe. It most definitely fits with all the others like it such Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl and so on. This one was most definitely loaded with mystery and drama. I don't think you could really go wrong with quick mystery read.