Gossip Girls meets Pretty Little Liars

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Awesome! This is very gossip girls meets pretty little liars, which I absolutely love. The writing flows and is easy to read, you just naturally get sucked in to the multi point of view story. That brings me to the beginning of the book, we start off with an excerpt from the legacy ball - where a murder occurs. We then go back a week before the ball and hear from all the girls points of views. I’m favoring Tori so far, I love that she goes against the grain and everyone is wondering how she even got into the prestigious boarding school. Isobel and Skylar are close seconds. If you love the idea of mystery, secrets, and a lot of drama, this is going to be your next TBR read. I’ll definitely be preordering this for the next time I’m craving a book form of Gossip Girl with a little bit of murder on the side. Boarding schools and drama always get me and this is no different, give it a try!