Gossip Girl with Murder

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3.5 stars

Getting into the Legacy Club is an honor, it opens doors that can change your life. Most are born into the privilege of this club but this year there is a surprise nomination: the scholarship kid. How did she secure such a coveted nomination? In a world of old money and secrets, what lengths will everyone go to to protect themselves?

This gives all the Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liar vibes so intriguing for fans of dark academia and secret lives of the rich.

I am such a fan of dual timeline, multiple POV, I was very excited to see that format used here. I especially enjoy when stories don’t reveal the victim until later to add another sense of mystery. However although the twists made for an entertaining storyline, they were too easy to guess early on.

Despite getting their POV throughout the story, I found myself unable to connect with any of the characters. Well I didn’t particularly dislike them, I also didn’t like them either. Which in addition to the predictability, made the book feel like it was a bit too long.

This was my first by this author and although it won’t be a top read of 2023 it was still enjoyable. I plan to give her other books a try.