Gossip Girl with Murder

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Overall, I enjoyed this book!

One of my favorite aspects of this book is how the author structured the story. I appreciated going back and forth between dual timelines. In fact, I think jumping forward to the night of the murder was really beneficial to the story, because it kept my interest, and made me want to keep reading to the end to see what actually happened that night.

The author did well at distinguishing between the three POVs: Bernie, Isobel, and Tori all had different motives driving their desire to join the Legacy Club. They weren't always the most enjoyable to read about--even though I like morally gray characters--but I appreciate how different they were. They did seem a bit older in some instances... but I guess some high schoolers are more mature than others.

I feel as though this book was a bit long--I think the pacing overall could have been a bit tighter. With that said, I understand the author's desire to show as much of New York City as possible through the eyes of the teenagers.

I do wish we found out who died sooner--I get that it was a way to keep the reader motivated to keep reading, to find out who died and how it happened. But after a while, it did get a bit annoying to not know (since we kept switching to the timeline at the ball).