Gossip Girl Vibes

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This book was a perfect read for those who love Gossip Girl, books set in NYC, and rich people behaving badly. I was hooked on this book from the start as you followed different prep school teens working to get into the illustrious Legacy Club. Many of the students were prepped to live this lifestyle and all that comes with it. The surprise of the season was Tori Tasso, scholarship kid from Queens. The society and all its members are confused as to who could have nominated Tori.

The night of the Legacy Ball is supposed to be the best night of the students' lives and the beginning Legacy Ball.

This writing left me wanting to come back for more when I was away from the book which is the mark of an entertaining book for me. The writing did a good job of capturing the minds and feelings of NYC elite teens while also being relatable and readable for older readers.

This is a must read for those who enjoy YA thrillers.