Goodman does it again

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This was a great mystery. I admit I had some clues to a twist at the end but I didn’t really know what that twist would be. The book starts out with the murder but then it jumps back to prior to the murder. The novel continues going back and forth, giving you glimpses into the lives of the various characters and leaving you tiny pieces to the puzzle. Just enough for you to think you can see the whole picture but not enough to really grasp it. There were several times I was sure I knew who the killer was but then there would be another clue and I wasn’t so sure anymore.

I love Jessica Goodman’s mysteries. I really enjoy the way she develops her characters and draws you in. You feel as though you really know the characters and you feel connected to them. Throughout the book you find yourself rooting for one character or another. The clues she sprinkles in makes you think you have solved the mystery until you come across another clue and you are baffled all over again.