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Secrets and more secrets, best way to describe this book. Give this one a fair shot. It's a ya novel as it's meant to be for the older person, it's difficult to imagine this teenage life. Set in a rich prep school, the characters are going to be exactly what the stereotype is. They can be annoying at times from using drugs, cheating, partying,etc. It's tough to read, but imagine when someone from the outside threatens this very lifestyle. I'm not a big fan of multiple pov's and the multiple timelines, but I was able to follow this one with no problem. I'll admit, I thought it was a little long and my adult self wanting to have a chat with these kids about life. The reader needs to realize that these are just kids that have their lives already planned for them. I enjoyed the story and found myself wondering how it all tied together. I do feel the right people got what they deserved. I would have liked to have had a longer ending as so much led up to it. This would be perfect for a weekend read.