enjoyable YA mystery

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Nominated seniors participate in a week of events leading up to the Legacy Ball, a gala where they will be inducted into the exclusive and elite Legacy Club. The Legacy Club’s social circle opens doors to power and wealth but it also comes with secrets, lies… and murder.

Despite the pacing of most of the book being fairly slow with the end speeding up significantly, THE LEGACY CLUB was overall a rather quick YA mystery read. It kept me turning pages as between all the lies and secrets, I couldn’t figure out who had been murdered until the reveal toward the end. Chapters flip flop between character narration and also time frame before and after the ball, though each is clearly labeled at the beginning so it was easy to keep things straight. Character development was lacking but didn’t bother me since the mystery aspect of the book held my interest enough.

THE LEGACIES was an enjoyable YA mystery that I’d recommend. It had a lot of ‘Gossip Girl’ vibes.

Thank you to Razorbill for the gifted ARC.