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I had high hopes for The Legacies. Unfortunately, those hopes were dashed by 52% What killed it were the shallow, self-serving characters, and the party central daily atmosphere. Add in teen angst, drug use, and parents that don't really care about their teens except for the prestige of them becoming a Legacy Club member, and you have a recipe that takes away from the real mystery/murder.

The story unfolds through multiple points of view across multiple timelines. It can get confusing if you're not paying attention or if you happen to start reading the novel mid chapter after you've set it down for a few hours.

With the exception of the character of Tori, I didn't care for any of the other characters nor their respective parents. Their "holier than thou," and condescending attitudes just didn't quite sit well with me. Though one could argue that, that's the beauty of those characters if they could invoke such strong feelings.

It just seemed that with all of the teen drama, the murder just took a backseat to all of the goings on. Maybe I'll revisit The Legacies at another time. But from what I've read in the spoilers, it won't be anytime soon. One unfortunate DNF star.

I received an ARC from Penguin Teen through BookishFirst. The review herein is completely my own and contains my honest thoughts and opinions.