Another great YA thriller!

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The Legacies perfect for fans of The Inheritance Games and Gossip Gil (eat the rich, high drama, and killer stakes). This propulsive young adult thriller is centered around The Legacy Club, a secret society of the wealthiest elite of New York. Every year, potential members are handpicked to engage in an initiation week that culminates in the famed Legacy Ball. By history, the majority of the candidates are guaranteed admission by family connections. So when Tori Tasso, a scholarship student, is nominated, this causes quite a stir among this closed off community. Not to mention that an outsider like Tori poses a risk to the Club's dangerous secrets in place to protect the privileged members. Those that such secrets benefit will do almost anything to keep them under wraps.

From the very start, this book is taut with suspense, including a murder, a missing parent, an impending lawsuit, and a life-changing scandal. The story moves at a quick pace, switching between three perspectives. This is such fun, quick read that I highly recommend!