Secrets and Lies Among the Rich and Entitled

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The First Look of THE LEGACIES is an amazing view of how the rich live and how they are so different from the working class, expecting things to come easily for them. It is also a look at how complicated their hidden lives are, with moms who disappear, kids who hand out drugs, others who take them and parents who seem to be absent because they are so busy making their next million or building a bigger reputation. From the cover with the golden key that opens so many doors to the future, to the intriguing background of the teens who are candidates for the legacy, this First Look held me spellbound and wanting to read more. The mystery begins from the introduction when we are told that someone has died at the prestigious and much touted Legacy Ball. We don’t know who or how, but we do know that the police are there to question everyone. The mystery is multi-layered, with Bernie Kaplan’s mom missing from the events and Isobel feeling as though she has to do whatever Skyler asks because he has some kind of hold over her. Something happened at a party, but I don’t know what yet, although I am dying to find out all of the little secrets that these privileged kids are hiding. I already feel bad for Tori, a scholarship student who doesn’t fit in but who got a Legacy invitation because of something that happened that she knows about. This is a twisted and compelling beginning to what promises to be a deliciously tantalizing look into the secret lives of the rich kids who want to establish their own legacy.