Very Enjoyable !

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I really enjoyed this book . I am a lover of a good thriller book, and at the time of reading this it really hit the spot . I used to work with Developmentally Disabled adults so I found it really easy to connect to Maya . Maya who is working at the same place she was admitted to 8 years prior , now has grown a bond with a patient she was told to work with . With no experience in the field she is now in position with trying to do whatever she can to help Lucas find his sick father in the woods of Minnesota . This story hooks you and pulls you in . You want to keep reading to see what happened , why she was admitted to this facility , how her relationship is with her father , and how she has continued to whether each passing storm life throws at her after her moms Suicide . I was really being able to connect with the character and I think a lot of people can too which is why this book is so easy to get though . I had not yet read anything by this author prior to picking this book up , and I didn't expect to love it as much as I did . 4 Stars !