The Plot Keeps You Turning the Pages

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Leave No Trace by Mindy Mejia is a wild story that encompasses the themes of family loyalty, survival, trust, attachment, and trauma from parental abandonment. It is a well written novel with a plot that keeps you turning the pages.

Maya Stark is a young speech therapist who has worked hard to get her life on track. Lucas Blackthorn is the boy who lived after disappearing for ten years in the Minnesota's Boundary Waters area. When these two meet at the Congdon Psychiatric Facility it is clear they have a connection and possibly a past. There is strong foreshadowing that they are connected in more ways than the reader is initially presented with.

Questions persist throughout the book. Where has Lucas been? Where did Maya's mother go? What happened to Lucas' father? And what are the Maya and Lucas going to do about it? I thoroughly enjoyed reading Leave No Trace and finding out the answers to these questions.