Slowly revealed secrets....

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I fell in love with Mindy Mejia's debut novel Everything You Want Me To Be so when I heard she had a 2nd novel coming out I was thrilled. When I won an early ARC through BookishFirst I couldn't believe my luck. Yay me!

So what's it about?

Maya Stark, a language specialist, is assigned to a strange case. It appears that Lucas Blackthorne has reappeared after going missing 10 years ago with his father in the forests of Boundary Waters. They had been declared dead but the sight of Lucas here in the Congdon Mental Health Facility proves he is very much alive. He is violent and will not communicate to anyone.....except Maya.

Maya who suffers from her own troubled past doesn't understand why Lucas chose her. It appears he thinks he knows her. How could that be? Where has he been all this time? Is his father still alive roaming Boundary Waters?

As the bond between the two strengthen it becomes clear that Maya will stop at nothing to help Lucas find the closure he's looking for.

I don't want to say much more about the plot in fear of spoiling anything for anyone else.

It had such a thrilling opening and I couldn't wait to be sitting on the edge of my seat with bated breath but that didn't happen. The remainder of the book, I thought, was a slow burn. Not that there's anything wrong with that it's just that my expectations were expecting something dark and twisty. My bad! I did find the ending satisfying.

Mindy Mejia's writing is top notch and I appreciate that she veered into a different direction from her debut. If she keeps writing I'll keep reading! 3.5 stars!