Recommended for fans of wilderness survivor stories

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Speech therapist in psych facility, Maya, inexplicably drawn to wilderness survivalist patient, Lucas.

Everyone knows therapists are supposed to keep a professional distance from their patients, but Maya has never been a rule follower and finds herself inexplicably drawn to Lucas and compelled to help him. Although I understood the whys, I still found many of Maya's choices questionable and implausible. I was intrigued at the beginning of this story but, unfortunately, my interest waned about 50-75% of the way through (but, to be fair, I should point out that I'm not a huge fan of wilderness survivalist stories), so by the time the story reached its major twist, I was no longer invested in the characters or their outcomes. With that being said, I must add that since the ending was strong, and the author's words about loss powerful, I am rounding up to 3.5 stars.

I very much enjoyed Everything You Want Me to Be (4 stars) by this author, and would highly recommend it!

Last but not least, if you enjoyed the story line about the "wild" boy living in the woods, then I would highly recommend Magic Hour (4 stars) by Kristin Hannah about a little girl in a similar situation!

I received an advance copy of this book. All opinions are my own.

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