Really Good Story

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This is the first book by Mindy that I have read and I loved it. She made sure we were able to hear the back story of both main characters. Mia is a young woman who happens to work in a psychiatric facility where she had been a patient 8 years prior. Her boss, Dr. Mehta, saw something in her and gave her the chance to work there. In the course of Mia's employment she has gone from orderlie to speech therapist. A young man is brought in one day as he was found breaking into a store and the owner's wife was killed during the altercation. This young man is Lucas Blackthorn, and is already famous as he went into the Boundary waters with his father 10 years ago, never to be seen again until that fateful day.

Mia is assigned to work with Lucas to try to get him to talk to find out what happened to him, how he survived, and where his father is.