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Leave No Trace did not do what its title suggested. I haven't stopped thinking about this book since I finished it yesterday. I read it in two days, most of the time I could not put it down. Right off the bat it was immersive and interesting. Lucas Blackthorn has been missing for ten years, lost in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota (along with his father), and all of a sudden he's nineteen years old and robbing an outfitter's store, accidentally helping cause a death, and being admitted into Congdon, a mental health facility. He comes blazing into Maya Stark's life and refuses to leave.

Maya is a broken young woman trying to mend. Her mother left her when she was a child, her father has his own escape on his tugboat, boating on Lake Superior looking for a ghost ship. Maya has a trauma that sends her into Congdon at a young age versus going to jail. She becomes an orderly there, goes to college, and moves up the ranks as the assistant speech therapist. Her psychiatrist is now her boss.

These two characters are pure and real and struggling for so much. Lucas wants to find his father, Maya wants to find her mother. Both could be broken beyond repair but can they mend each other? Can someone find Lucas's father before it's too late and Minnesota's harsh winter sets in? I enjoyed reading this book even though some of Maya's decisions I did not agree with.