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Leave No Trace started off really strong for me but somehow tapered off holding my complete interest somewhere in the middle and I found myself placing it in my “for later” pile. It did leave me wondering how it will end so I found myself picking it back up much sooner than expected. For this, I am glad because toward the middle end, the story really picked back up and became a very quick read. However, there is one part in the end that didn’t quite feel right for me. It felt as if that incident alone should not have fared well for the characters, yet it was wrapped up not so much as “happily ever after” but along the lines of “life goes on without another hitch”. In my eyes, the way I have gotten to know and understood the characters, this incident should have caused an emotional turmoil, possibly another traumatized experience. Maybe I am just overthinking it… what do I know, right?

Overall, it was an okay read for me. The plot was original which was why I was so excited for it but at the same time I had set my expectations high which may have ruined the reading experience for me. Leave No Trace was rated pretty high overall compared to my own rating. So I encourage you to read it for yourself. With this said, if you have not yet read this author’s previous novel, Everything You Want Me to Be, you need to get on that – I thoroughly enjoyed it.