Mystery in the Woods

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Lucas, at the age of nine, and his father Josiah left for the wilderness of Minnesota and never returned. Ten years later, Lucas appears in a store in town and is sent to a psychiatric facility. Maya is assigned as his caretaker and she works hard to build a trusting relationship with Lucas. Maya, who has her own rough past, puts her career on the line to reunite Lucas with his dad.

I throughly enjoyed this book. I loved the building of the setting both with in the walls of the psychiatric facility as well as the parts in the woods. Maya was a great character and a good match with Lucas. She was headstrong, tough, and good at what she does. My only complaint was that she seemed a little to eager to help a patient I don’t think she trusted all that much but I did like where the storyline ended up and I know that choice needed to happen for the big reveal to play out. I also really enjoyed her father’s character and Butch, her father’s sailor friend. Both were entertaining and made me smile. The mystery of what happened with Lucas and Josiah left ten years ago was really well written, I certainly was surprised. This is my first book by Mindy Mejia but would love to pick her other novels.

I originally received this as an ARC from BookishFirst. Though I am late to the game and trying to catch up on some back ARC’s, I certainly appreciate BookishFirst and Atria for providing a free copy in exchange for an honest review.