Loved it!!

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Ahhh, I do love some Mindy Meija books. I find them to be young, and refreshing, and an amazing voice in the thriller/suspense/mystery genre. Her last book I was able to review, and I haven't been able to stop thinking of it.

This one is no different. I love that it takes place in an asylum, and that it has such a diverse set of characters. Instantly you know Doctor and Paitent are drawn towards each other, but the fun part is, is seeing where that goes. I also really enjoyed the realationship that Maya had with her dad.

This book was very dark, it was very atmospheric, it pulled me in, I was constantly asking, what happened at that campsite, what happened to this young man? Where is his father? Will Maya a
Survive this. I felt like this book has it's claws dug into me, and didn't release them until I got to the last page. Well done.