Librarian vs. Reader: Leave No Trace

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Librarian: At the current moment, my library has no need of adult suspense. Even if it did need it, I don't think this would be terribly high on my order list. Most of my adult patrons are professionals who either teach or work with children everyday. Honestly, many of them would be appalled by the unprofessional way that Mindy interacts with Lucas, and I could see that impacting their reaction to the book as a whole.
Reader: Okay, so this is not my genre. Like at all. And this book reminded me why. I just don't like books that attempt to build suspense by straddling the real/not real, crazy/not crazy narrator line. I mean, I'm not a huge fan of unreliable narrators to begin with, but I can understand that sometimes they're called for. After all we often view things in ways that are always accurate. That's part of being human. But this one take it a bit too far. I think that if it had chosen a different narrator (Josiah perhaps-his parts are delightful or Lucas, still unreliable but more interesting) it would have been more enjoyable. Mindy is to manic pixie dream girl for my tastes.