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Maya Stark is a speech therapist working in a psychiatric facility. An interesting case enters the place and Maya is placed as the responsible person to bring this young man out of his shell and tell them what happened to him. You see, he showed up after going missing in the woods with his father 10 years ago and his reentrance into society was quite dramatic. At the same time, the reader knows that everything in Maya's life isn't exactly all sunshine and rainbows and its going to be a journey to find out.

I was on board with this book and liked most parts of it until one thing happened 2/3 of the way through - don't want to give too much away to spoil anything. At that point I just shook my head and was disappointed as to where I thought and realized the book was going to go.

I still liked Maya as a character and found her past to be the most interesting part of the book. I loved learning about how she became who she was in the present and how that affected how she treated her patients. At the same time, I also loved the chapters from the past of Josiah, the glimpses into how and why this father son ended up in the woods was the heart of the story for me.

I wish I had held onto this book to read on a cold wintry weekend. The location in Minnesota and the time of year made this book a good wintry read. I maybe would have enjoyed the setting of the book more if I was snuggled in a warm blanket.