Fast paced thriller

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Wow. Page turning fast paced psychological thriller, yes please!!! That is exactly the kind of book I love to dive right into. I know a lot of people love Mindy Mejia’s books but sadly I have never read any until now. I was gifted a copy of this by the publisher and I’m so happy I did. This was such a great read. I read this book in two days, I just couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. The cover is great and really sets the tone for Minnesota forests “Boundary Waters” where this book takes place. She also did great with the character development and all the research she did to write these characters and this story. I was so intrigued by all these people and I needed all my questions answered!! I almost always write no spoiler reviews so I won’t reveal anything to you. But if fast paced gripping psychological thrillers are your thing then I highly recommend you give this book a read. You won’t regret it.