An Atmospheric Search

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In Leave No Trace, Mindy Mejia takes readers to Duluth and the Boundary Waters, creating a setting that is darkly atmospheric, and in which the environment is almost as much a threat as the challenges the characters are facing. Lucas Blackthorn has reappeared after he and his father have been missing for a decade, and Maya, a new speech pathologist at the hospital he's being held at, has been assigned to work with him in hopes of finding out where he has been, and where his father might still be. Their relationship develops, with Maya struggling with appropriate boundaries as she sees much of herself and her own history in Lucas. As her story and background are revealed, along with Lucas's, the book becomes impossible to put down, twisting towards final chapters that are unpredictable and surprising. I hope that Mindy Mejia keeps writing, and taking readers to the more rural and remote parts of the upper Midwest, exposing the possibility for darkness in these areas.