Not What I was Hoping

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This book is hard to summarize because it isn't a story, it is a how-to. This book is geared to helping a person become a master of their chosen interest or talent. It is designed to encourage people to learn about the thing that interests them, how to improve their skills in that area, and then ultimately work toward mastery in their chosen skill or interest. It uses research and anecdotes from individuals considered experts in their respective fields.

When I read the first look of this book, I was intrigued because it described the way individuals learn and store memories in a very interesting and accessible way. Having been through courses on this, I thought some of the descriptions and explanations were very well done and would be accessible to almost all readers. However, I was really expecting the writing style to grow and mature from there. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. The writing style was choppy and read very much like someone learning how to write. The flow of each chapter was: here is what I will tell you, tell you the stuff, and this is what I told you. The problem for me is that this structure was painfully obvious and elementary. I think the topic was excellent and some of the suggestions made were valid and good, but the writing itself left something to be desired for me.