Had the making of a great self help book

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Learn, Improve, Master: How to Develop Any Skill and Excel really had the making of a great self help, do it yourself book. Unfortunately, there were times I was reading and thought, "if only it was that easy." The steps to mastering a skill seemed very difficult and wasn't broken down in a way that gave me hope that I could do it. I actually felt a bit defeated at times because I would think to myself "I've done this before and did not get this outcome." Additionally, even if I wanted to master a specific skill, the amount of time Nick Velasquez says we should spend on it by "practicing, practicing, practicing" is just impossible based on the fact that many of us normal people have to work. While it was nice seeing quotes from athletes and successful people like Simone Biles, it ended up not being very encouraging because she is that one in a million case. Maybe I'm just a negative person and read this book in the wrong mindset, but I didn't find it very encouraging.