An average how-to

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So this was a good insightful read that gave insight on how practice and repetition are valuable to learning new skills. Nick believes all skills are learned over time and hard work and presents a program to help the average person find inspiration to deepen their learning regardless of what that person wants to learn. According to the book, there are no limits to what one can learn as long as they practice. So, I believe that some are born with, or at least acquire very early on in life, an ingrained passion or inkling for specific interests which translate into the practice and hard work that create a Master of their respective craft(s). I do not believe that one can just practice and put hard work into something they dislike, lack interest or passion for and become a Master, proficient sure, but Michelangelo, no. I didn't learn much, ironically enough, but for those who believe success/Mastery comes from a divine intervention can benefit from this book. For those who know that it takes hard work and persistence to achieve anything worth achieving, maybe not so much