Welcome to Lavender House...

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Andy is a former cop, who's been removed from his duties for being caught as a gay man in gay clubs in the 1950s. However, when Pearl approaches him to solve the murder of Irene Lamontaine, the name on the infamous Lamontaine soap, how can he refuse? When he arrives at Lavender House, he finds more than he bargains for. Lavender House is a haven for queer people, a place where it's safe to be who they are. However, the more time Andy spends at Lavender House, the more he's convinced someone in the family is the murderer.

I had a hard time with this book. I didn't find any of the characters likeable. Andy was sympathetic at times, but I can't say I particularly liked him. The mystery was okay, but it didn't wow me like other mysteries. Also, this is supposedly set in the 1950s, but the way the characters talked just seemed a bit off to me. I didn't particularly enjoy this book.