Queer mystery!?

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It feels so good to read a historical-esque mystery novel with queer characters. It feels like these stories vastly underrepresent the queer community, so this was definitely a refreshing change.
Recently fired from the SFPD, Andy is hired to explore the cause of the death of the Lavender House's matriarch, Irene. This home is unlike any other- it is a place of queer acceptance and love. It is the opposite of what Andy has ever known and experienced- which, considering the time period of the story, makes sense, unfortunately.
I enjoyed this story because it was fun. A lot of mysteries can be too difficult, confusing, scary, serious, etc. This story did have these elements, but in a way that made it more enjoyable to read. Additionally, I loved reading about the perspective of a queer man in the 50's. The character development and the unique identities of each character really made the story enjoyable. And of course, who doesn't love a good (cozy) mystery?