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This was one of those books that I was seeing everywhere! I knew I wanted to read it based on the LGBTQI representation and the fact that it was do hyped up by everyone on Instagram. I will say that the writing was intriguing and I found the variety of characters interesting. I love reading from different perspectives and having a big cast of characters. This one just did not hold my attention very well. I found the plot to be a bit lacking and I was frankly bored through most of the book. I understand that this one was also a retelling. It has berm compared to knives out but I just didn't find it as intriguing. I loved the setting of the queer folks living together peacefully in a home during a time that it was illegal to be gay. I also really liked the tidbits of information that we get about the soap empire that the family was running. Beyond that it just wasn't my favorite.