LGBTQ Historical Mystery

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A disgraced cop becomes private detective in this gilded era mystery with an LGBTQ twist.

Lavender House, a safe haven for queer people, isn't safe any longer. One of its matriarchs is dead, and her wife doesn't believe it was an accident. She enlists the help of a newly unemployed police officer who she believes can be trusted to keep their arrangement secret.

The detective was well developed. From early in the story where he is battling his new status as a former police officer to later when we see his struggles first hand, he is relatable and likable enough. I didn't connect much with anyone else in the story. The historical aspect was well done. I characterize this as mystery rather than thriller because of its lack of stabbiness but abundant suspense.

The struggles of queer people during this time were handled well but weren't used to beat the reader over the head.

This is expected to be the first in a series, and I would read a second.