lavender house is a must-read

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this book is pitched as knives out meets with a queer historical twist, and i think it upheld that! i absolutely adored it! in lavender house, we follow andy, who was recently fired from the san francisco police for being caught at a gay bar. he gets hired as a private detective by pearl, wife of irene lamontine, head of lamontine soap empire, who is recently deceased. he then goes to the lamontine estate to investigate the queer family that lives there.

honestly, the vibes of this book is what made me love it so much. it’s not so much as a thriller as it is a cozy mystery. definitely a book you would want to curl up under a blanket and read while it’s raining.

while the mystery itself wasn’t as quite compelling and i was able to solve it pretty early on, the characters are what kept me intrigued! each character had their own unique personality. no one fell flat to me so it was enjoyable being with all of them. my personal favorites were elsie and cliff. i also don’t tend to not really have an opinion on the pov character, but i really liked andy.

this book does take place in 1952, so it does deal with the discrimination the lgbt community was going through back then (major trigger warning for homophobia in chapter ten), so be sure to go into it with that in mind.

i really liked how the ending was left open! if this is the start to a series, i’m in full support of it and will be picking up the next additions.

if you want a mystery book filled with queer characters and drama, i highly recommend this!