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I was really intrigued by the premise of the book, as well as my initial perspective on the pages I was able to read through BookishFirst. Unfortunately, I found myself struggling to get through my physical copy due to pacing. I was grateful to pick up where I’d left of with an audio copy and that went a lot better for me.

So, yes, that’s my first complaint. The pacing. I knew it was a standard mystery, not an edge of your seat thriller, but I still expected it to be a bit more exciting.

Still, the author offers some profound tidbits throughout the narrative, which I really enjoyed.

Are there some Knives Out vibes? Absolutely. You have a murder that isn’t immediately confirmed as a murder and a bunch of shady characters all in one house. They’re rich, somewhat unlikeable (although character development allows for some nuance), and almost all of them have motives. Rosen puts his own unique spin on the trope but making this a house where gay people can be themselves in 1952. It’s enticing enough, for sure, but not wholly compelling.