I wish I liked it.

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I gave this book 1 star as I had to give it something.
When I optioned for this book, I was really excited to read it. I thought the the idea behind the story was intriguing and it would be an attention grabbing story. I feel like I was beyond wrong in my original thoughts. The description of places and the dialogue between characters is something to be desired.
There us alot of "Well I said, and she said, and I said and she said." The relationships between characters is intriguing yet lacking at the same time, which is making the story line of a possible murder hard to grasp.
I still would love to know who actually did it if that was in fact what happened. But I struggle to even pick up the book. This book has become a big DNF for me which I tremendously dislike. I even attempted the audio version to accompany my reading, to help give me a different perspective, and even that version is dragging.