I really enjoyed this!

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I absolutely loved this book. Several months later and I’m still thinking about it. I do enjoy a great murder mystery and this one came through. I loved the dynamic of each of the characters, and that the book left me guessing until the very end. I also appreciated that each character was their own, and the book wasn’t something we’ve read many times over. They each had their own backstories, running or hiding from their pasts.

Rosen dealt with the themes of the book tactfully, reminding the reader that hatefulness did and still does exist but not in a harmful way.

The blurb and cover initially caught my attention but I know I would end up reading it anyway. It was billed as a queer Knives Out and I wasn’t disappointed. I’ve always enjoyed Lev Rosen’s writing style and I’m genuinely looking forward to further writings, especially in this genre.