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Thank you to MacMillan and Netgalley for an ALC of this book.

Set in the '50's, ex-cop Andy gets a private detective job investigating the death of a woman after he is fired from his job when his homosexuality is discovered. His new job takes him to Lavender House and he discovers a world where queer people are able to exist happily with each other--if only in secret.

This was a page turner! I'm not usually a big fan of historical fiction and it can be really hard especially when it is set in such a homophobic era, but this was really good and had me gripped from the start. It is about queerness but it is NOT a romance at all. It's a murder mystery and it is so so good. This is gripping and chilling and definitely worth the read if you are looking for some suspense!
Content Warnings
Graphic: Homophobia, Police brutality, Violence, and Murder

Moderate: Animal cruelty, Suicidal thoughts, Grief, and Animal death