great queer historical fiction mystery

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After being fired from his job as a police officer for being caught in a gay bar raid, Andy is offered employment investigating the death of the head of a famous soap empire. Andy finds himself staying at Lavender House, home of a queer family where no one hides who they are within the house but all fear what will become of them if the outside world finds out their secrets. As he works to uncover if there’s a murderer among them, Andy contemplates if the freedom of Lavender House is truly free.

I greatly enjoyed LAVENDER HOUSE. The story sucked me in from the first pages with an immediate feeling like I was in a film noir. The setting of 1950s San Francisco was fantastic. I loved the queer representation amongst all the characters. There’s a lot of social commentary and thought-provoking moments which I found to make the book very engaging. The plot moved at a great pace. I didn’t have the murderer figured out right away which is always a plus. The ending was satisfying and also open-ended enough that it could smoothly lead into a sequel if the author does so. I would happily read a second book if this became a series. If my home responsibilities had not been in the way, this is a book that I easily would have read in one sitting as it kept me turning pages.

THE LAVENDER HOUSE was a great queer historical fiction mystery that I’d highly recommend.