Cleverly Plotted Locked-Room Mystery

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This is a historical mystery, set in the early 1950s. Right from the beginning you get that Sam Spade, noir feel. I loved the setting and the atmosphere throughout.

The murder itself is a locked-room mystery - cleverly plotted to appear as an accident. The entire household are suspects, anyone could have done it - but what would their motive be? Each suspect is intriguing, and hiding something from the rest of the family.

Along with the mystery, (now private) detective Andy is on a journey of self-discovery. He's just been fired from the San Francisco PD, and is struggling to find his place in the world. As Andy investigates the occupants of Lavender House, he begins to learn more about who he is and - more importantly - who he wants to be.

I'm hoping this becomes a series, I really enjoyed the characters and the setting and would like to read more!