Bingeable read!

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Lavender House is a bingeable read that I managed to finish in one sitting.

Rosen’s characters are complex, compelling, and offer readers a plain and devastating look at what it was like to be queer in 1950’s America. There was a strong theme of accountability throughout the story, with the message never feeling heavy-handed. Going hand in hand with that are explorations into the mentality that blending in with your persecutors will provide the ultimate protection, and the idea that freedom can sometimes end up as yet another kind of cage.

Readers who enjoy the found family trope will get great satisfaction out of this story, which proves that blood isn’t always everything. Sometimes- a lot of times- family is something that you have to make for yourself. The mystery aspect of the story played out well, and Rosen did a fair job of keeping me second-guessing my suspicions until they were ready to make the answer too obvious to ignore.

If you enjoy historical novels or whodunits (or both), and are always on the lookout for more LGBTQ+ representation, then you really can’t go wrong with Lavender House.