Atmospheric mystery with complex MC

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This was such an interesting read! I was in the mood for some mystery and intrigue, and this definitely delivered. I really liked the writing style and atmosphere of this story, and Andy was a sympathetic and complex MC.

On the other hand, I did find it a bit difficult to get fully invested in the story. It took me some time to warm up to the other characters, as some of their characterization felt a bit surface level, and they weren’t super likeable (which might have been the point, but I wish I could’ve been rooting for them more). Also, the plot was on the slower side—while we did keep getting clues, it felt like some parts of the book were just Andy wandering around and happening upon clues. And the ending wrapped everything up nicely, but I do wish that Andy had played a more active role in solving the mystery.

Overall, I think the mystery could have been executed a little better, but I really enjoyed the premise of this story—the concept of Lavender House kept me intrigued, and the physical implications and psychological consequences of establishing such a place were explored well.