a queer witchy graphic novel

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Coven is this witchy queer graphic novel about family and power. The drawing style and color palette makes me feel like I'm falling into a fall Charmed. With instant witchiness, Coven is full of secrets. It's about knowing, unlocking, and controlling our power. About realizing that we can never move forward without knowing our history. It can be tempting to always run from our responsibility, but it has a way of chasing us.

It’s a testament to how we can become so convinced there’s only one way forward. Only one way to gain and use power. That we can alienate, radicalize, and lose those around us. When protection doesn’t feel like what we want. Coven is very much a story about being torn between pieces of ourselves and not knowing how to reconcile them. This is a must read for fans of queer graphic novels, Sabrina, and spooky stories about power and secrets.