Where is Rauri?

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This is a story that revolves around the Laurentian Reserve. It consists of a large group of islands that is pristine. There are a large group of people who seem to be a gregarious, happy lot who have a long history. The story jumps around from person to person giving interesting highlights about what is going on in their present life’s and their minds reminiscing about their past and other things about others in their community. However, there is at present a pervasive worry about why one of the most import members of the community who lives a solitary life on one of the islands has not returned as the season is changing from the hellish cold of winter. This is how the book begins with the worry of where Rauri is. Is he dead or alive. In fact the fear that he may be deceased is because he owns the grant for the islands. Where is a Rauri and what will happen to the community loses their claim on their pristine island living. I was very intrigued by the book. Excellent!