Every Day People, Every Day Life

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Sarah’s Stonich’s writing has been compared to books by Richard Russo and the similarity is valid insofar as they both write about everyday people and their day to day lives. A son or daughter who has succumbed to substance abuse, a spouse coping after the loss of their mate, a small town that survives on the latest gossip. Everyone in Hatchet Inlet knows the score and the players. There is nothing special about any of them and that is what makes this book such a wonder.

As Pastor Huttala exhorts to his congregation on the opening pages in his Polka Service Sermon, welcome strangers, sit down and share a coffee with the lonely, listen to someone’s grief, don’t turn away, just listen. Pretty basic stuff which makes for a great book with characters like Alpo and his son Pete; Sissy her dog, Jeff, her sister Laurie, and their mother Louise who is barely holding on to her mind, and the missing Rauri Paar, who may or may not be dead.

Great writing that allowed for a chuckle, a tear, a shake of the head and a whole lot of thinking in between.