a fun (cold!) read!

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A very vivid and descriptive tale about a small town in Northern Minnesota who's grief does not wane even as winter begins to thaw.

This book is perfect for those who like character drive slow-paced novels where an assortment of unique small town character's stories and lives are woven together to create a gloriously detailed tapestry of small town life.

I really appreciated this read-- it was quite in a perfect way and it was a nice respite from the Big Thrillers where there to ample (read: too much) action crammed into every page with increasingly shocking (read: unlikely) twists with every chapter.

I highly recommend reading this book on the cusp of spring after a long hard winter with a steaming cup of tea beside you.

In many ways, the Laurentian Divide felt like home-- comfortable and familiar but with some unknowns and some surprises from people you thought you knew very well.