Too many details

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I'm not sure where I land on this one..I appreciated the author's focus on the victims and their lives rather than the killer, as many other true crime books are wont to do. However, the constant details, including numerous people and places, bogged down entire book. Even though I am familiar with New York City, having lived there for years myself, it was a slog to get through all the details just to hear about an individual's life and eventual demise.

Still, this book does a great job emphasizing the humanity and horror that these men experienced, and the jaw-dropping things the killer got away with in the years leading up to his final arrest and conviction. And again, I really applaud the author for his care and dedication to bring the focus onto the victims rather than the killer. I think that it is far from time that we stop focusing on evil people and shine a bright light onto those whose lives have been mercilessly cut too short. That being said, I'm not sure I'll remember much (if any) of the stories after the fact because of all the extraneous details.