So Scary

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I’m an avid true crime reader and I’m sad to say I have never heard of these cases or serial killer. It upsets me that these cases did not get the true attention they deserve.
During the 1980’s the world was not accepting of gay men, they were targeted and discriminated and hate crimes were high. With the discovery of AIDS everyone put the blame on gay men and they took their fear out on them.
The story begins with a John Doe and he was found dismembered in a green barrel. The killer saws through the bones, he puts the bodies in plastic bags, and the victims are middle age men and their smaller stature. The police begin to see a pattern, the victims are gay men who are successful and they are in the closet. The killer is hunting for his victims from gay bars and he is named The Last Call Killer. Because of the sexuality of the victims the murders were not looked into , talked about or just tossed aside which led the killer to continue with his life and continue murdering. We follow the investigation that finally leads the police to killer. The author did an amazing job introducing us to each of the victims and giving us a peek into their lives and who they were and I got emotionally connected to them while reading. My heart broke for each of them it’s sad they had to live in fear and not show the world who they were because of hate. The author did his research and it shows and I’m thankful he wrote this book and it truly opened my eye to what happens when a group is pushed aside because of who they are and they don’t get the justice they deserve. I’m giving this five stars. FYI some of the parts do get a bit graphic when talking about the crimes scenes.